Overview (2025-2026)

Applications are being accepted for the All-Indiana Global Grant Scholarship for graduate study at a university outside North America, starting with the 2025-26 academic year. The scholarship is for a total of $40,000 over one to four years.

To be eligible for a Global Grant Scholarship, candidates must:

  • Have graduated – or will graduate by May 2025 – from a four-year college in Indiana or have legal residency in Indiana
  • Present a plan of study and a career commitment that align with one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus (see below)
  • Be endorsed by an Indiana Rotary Club
  • Provide a Letter of Acceptance (or a Letter of Affiliation) from the university where the scholar’s study will take place


Rotary’s Global Grant Scholarship program supports exceptional students dedicated to pursuing a career in an area of great humanitarian need and who demonstrate a personal, long-term commitment to measurable, sustainable change.

While studying abroad, Global Scholars will make presentations to Rotary Clubs and other groups about Rotary, Indiana, and the United States. Upon returning home, scholars will share their experiences with Rotarians in Indiana.


The Rotary All-Indiana Global Grant Scholarship is offered on a competitive basis for graduate level study at a university outside North America. The $40,000 scholarship will help pay the costs of travel, tuition and fees, room and board, and educational supplies for one to four years, starting with the 2024-25 academic year.

Expenditures must be documented.

Rotary’s Areas of Focus

Rotary’s Global Scholars are individuals who intend to pursue a career that aligns with one of Rotary’s Seven Areas of Humanitarian Focus. Educational goals and long-term professional plans must address one of the following areas. Detailed descriptions of the Areas of Focus can be found at:



Source of Funding

The All-Indiana Global Grant Scholarship is funded by District Designated Funds and a matching Rotary Foundation Global Grant. As a result, the number of scholarships available in any year is limited. One scholarship for a total of $40,000 is available over one to four years. Prospective scholars must apply through and be endorsed by a local Rotary Club. To find a club in your area, go to www.rotary.org and click on “club finder.”

Global Grant Scholar Qualities

A successful applicant:

  • Possesses excellent leadership skills and potential
  • Has a proven record of success in his/her academic field or vocation
  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to community service
  • Has well defined and realistic educational and career goals
  • Has concrete ideas as to how he/she will advance in his/her chosen career
  • Is sincere about maintaining a lifelong relationship with Rotary after the scholarship year

Eligibility and Conditions

  • The candidate’s program of study must be at graduate level at an institution of higher education outside North America
  • The scholarship is for a total of $40,000 over one to four years, starting with the 2025-26 academic year
  • The candidate must be accepted for study at his/her chosen university
  • The candidate must be proficient in the native language of the host country
  • Applicants must apply through a Rotary club at a location of their legal or permanent residence
  • The following persons are not eligible: Rotarians; employees of a Rotary Club; spouses, lineal descendants (children or grandchildren by blood or adopted or not adopted), spouses of a lineal descendant, or ancestors (parents or grandparents) of any living person in the foregoing categories.

Application Process

  • Application is submitted to a local Rotary Club. The Club will interview the applicant, complete a Club Endorsement form, and forward the application to the Scholarship Committee.
  • Deadline for submitting an application to the District Scholarship Committee is Friday, December 20, 2024. Rotary clubs should forward application material and a signed Club Endorsement form to Bob Morrison & Dwight Thompson, Co-Chairs of the Scholarship Committee (apply@rotaryglobalscholar.com).
  • On Saturday, January 25, 2025, the District Scholarship Committee will interview finalist Global Scholarship candidates and select one scholar to be nominated to The Rotary Foundation for a final decision. To be considered, applicants must interview on January 25, 2025.
  • Applications must be submitted to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) three months or more before overseas studies begin. This provides adequate time for TRF review and processing.
  • The Rotary Foundation notifies the scholar of its decision.
  • Scholar must complete an outbound orientation session before leaving home to begin overseas studies.

Items required when application is submitted to Scholarship Committee by December 20, 2024.

  • Proposed field of study in one of Rotary’s Seven Areas of Focus
  • Estimated budget
  • Signed Club Endorsement Form
  • Information regarding:
    • The scholar's program of study and degree
    • The educational and professional goals of the scholar
    • 1-2 pages of biographical information
    • Two letters of Recommendation
    • Letter of Acceptance (or Letter of Affiliation) from overseas university of candidate’s choice. (Let us know if you don’t have it by December 20, 2024. We can accept it as late as April 30, 2025)

Items required when application is submitted to The Rotary Foundation (by April 30, 2025)

  • Letter of Acceptance from scholar’s selected university
  • Foreign language proficiency exam results
  • Agreement by grant certified Rotary Club/District in city of scholar’s selected university to serve as scholar’s host
  • Detailed budget

Documents located on website:

  • Process for selecting Global Scholars
  • Global Grant Scholarship Application
  • Club Endorsement form
  • Rotary International’s Seven Area of Humanitarian Focus


For more information about the All-Indiana Global Scholarship, contact Bob Morrison & Dwight Thompson, Co-Chairs of the Scholarship Committee (apply@rotaryglobalscholar.com).